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Ksamah is amongst the first startup based on sustainable boxes and ecological living & lifestyle.
We invite you for an opportunity to join our business, create new business and earn from the opportunity.
Connect with us, in our journey to save #EarthCrisis.

Ksamah Ecological Boxes

Ksamah Ecological Green Grow Box

One who plants a green grow box plants Happiness! KSAMAH brings you the grow box, an ultimate much-needed gardening box including all items needed for growing vegetables put in the box. 

Ksamah Ecological Office-Car Box

Office spaces around the world are transforming into sustainable environments that benefit both offices and employees. KSAMAH eco-logical box helps in moving towards the path of saving environment.

Ksamah Ecological  Travel Box

This environment-friendly hamper is great for everyone concerned with the state of the planet and willing to do something about it.Go Zero Waste in your travel to work or involve in responsible tourism.

KSAMAH Eco Birthday Gift Box

Rethink your gifting ideas by making a little extra effort for the loved ones and for the Planet! Surprise your loved ones with our Eco Birthday Gift Box – a little care package of some select, well themed products. Show love with our thoughtfully put together boxes.

Ksamah Eco Premium Gift Box

At Ksamah we have thoughtfully come up with an Eco Premium Gift Box for family and for earth-conscious shoppers.  This premium & unique product represents KSAMAH promise of being 100% True to the Environment as well as Health of your loved ones.

Ksamah Stationery Kit

Why cut Trees to make Paper, when it can be made with recycled waste Paper? Ksamah presents Eco-Friendly Stationery Kit which is perfectly designed using high-quality material, plastic free and keeping in mind the environment’s health.

Beyond The Boxes

Ecological Bamboo T-shirts

Ecological Soap and Shampoo Bars

Ecological Bottles

Ecological Coffee Cups

Ecological Jute Bag

Ecological Bamboo Toothbrush

Ecological Bamboo Cutlery

Orange Peel Mug

Testimonial Post Slider

A something that works well against sweat and heat !! I never knew Bamboo could be converted into a Tee.Absolutely No Complains !!

Peeyush Chitlangia

A perfectly curated box for home gardening and I love the organic greens around me. Loving it totally!!

Poorvi Bagadia

When I purchased it, I was curious but nervous too. I wanted to inculcate a new hobby but didn’t want to fail at it. This box made growing so much easy and I now have chillies at home. All organic. Now on this is the box that I will gift all with different seeds. I want people to develop love for nature and thanks to ksamah to help me with this. Very thoughtful indeed.

Mridull Prajapati

Revolutionary products. Instead of applying traditional shampoo do give a try to these bars. Smells amazing and after just one was my hair’s started to feel smooth and fizz free.

Dr vidhi Mehta

I love using this coffee cup, it has an adorable print in the front (always reminds me of the lion king haha). Amazing quality, will buy again!

Dishita Dhanuka

An amazing product. Very steady and eco-friendly. Usually when we think eco-friendly, what comes to our mind is that it will perish. In spite of being made from rice husk, it’s steady and strong. I’ve had water, alcohol, chaas, juice, etc but it’s remained exactly the way it was when brought new. This was gifted to me by a friend. Now it’s become my daily companion for everything

Mridull Prajapati

Recently used the ecological shampoo bar and it's absolutely stunning. Would recommend the same to everyone . It got delivered within 2-3 days and packaging was great as well. Great Job. Loved it ! Thank you!

Bhomi Shah

Great gifting option! I had gifted my colleagues as a welcome back gift to the office. It was so well received. A must towards sustainable living; every step counts!

Pragati Dhanuka

Thoughtfully designed & Eco-Friendly products. The Home & Travel Utility boxes are well conceived to be of maximum usage in minimum objects. The Sustainable Coffee Cup & Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush is my favorite & in everyday usage. The package is good, Loved the Quality & the Attention to Detail on the smallest of products. Value for Money!

Ketan Jain

Recently used the ecological shampoo bar and it's absolutely stunning. Would recommend the same to everyone. It got delivered within 2-3 days and the packaging was great as well. Great Job. Loved it! Thank you!

Bhomi Shah

It's great to come across a brand which cares for the planet as much as it cares for its customers. They went out of the way to ensure I got my delivery the day I wanted. Kudos to the team!

Neha Sukumar

A very good start by ksamah to save our earth. Good quality products are highly recommended, a small step in giving our future generations a healthy earth...

Alpa Parmar

Ecofriendly, modernised, long lasting, daily useable attractive products. Packing and Hampers made of the products are excellent! If made economical, can be more in demand as would like to gift often friends , relative and colleague.

Preeti Dhelia

Used the product ksamah eco-friendly all useful day to day products. Must buy all home box travel box and others product. Value for money thank you ksamah.

Hiten Makwana

I used Ksamah products. I received a home box as a gift from my close friend and the packaging and products is perfect. The quality is amazing. I love the small details on each product. Goes well with my home/table decor as well.

Marium Bhala

So glad to find products which fulfill desirable consumer needs and are good for the environment!

Poorvi Bagadia

Rich’s Tanna

Quality, Value Ksamah products are really son has been using the toothbrush and we have even growing our veggies at home using the eco home gardening kit.. it's wonderful..thank u for letting us contributtoin saving the plan...

Rich's Tanna

Pratiksha More

Products are amazing. Soap bar is perfect for hairs. I love ksamah products

Pratiksha More

I would love to buy again and again.

Navin Dhanuka
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