We are Ksamah

Products for a better & healthy world.

We at Ksamah aim to inspire people to purchase aspirational Eco-friendly alternatives to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle, also, give the earth a chance it deserves. We have two real Homes-Earth and our Body - via our brand “KSAMAH” we aim to provide resources to you to take care of the former to start with.

Our eco-consciousness can save the earth.What plastic items can we replace? Which swaps have the most impact? Are these swaps actually sustainable ? How do we keep up with all the news and innovations ? So we thought that there has to be better solutions than to be stuck in analysis paralysis.

Plastic was supposed to be the best invention by mankind. It opened up the era of inexpensive practical and easy ways to live. By misusing this invention with our destructive ways and forces we are bringing harm to the natural world. The only option we have now is to recycle and reduce our way to the amount of plastic and chemicals we throw into the earth’s stream. We must rely on alternatives and now look to let PLASTICS go.

Welcome to KSAMAH - Products for a better and healthy world. KSAMAH –Pronounced “sha-mah” is a Sanskrit word which means epithet of the lord -‘The pure one; purity as god’.

We strive to protect our planet earth as no intelligent breed would destroy their only home. We make efforts to give you the choice to use not only environmentally friendly but also well designed aspirational products that suit your lifestyle.I'ts time to act as what we do now to reduce plastic waste will have a exponential impact on our Planet.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

Our products are sourced from the best sustainable materials. We work with the most sustainable brands, curate boxes around life themes and best plastic swaps.They are made using biodegradable materials where-ever possible, are reusable and natural products. KSAMAH is based on a study of the product’s entire sourcing and manufacturing lifecycle. At KSAMAH, we also aim at Self-care and care for your family. All our products are EARTH friendly.


Straight & clear, we want to give EARTH the last
chance it deserves. The team behind KSAMAH love Wildlife, like spending most of the times in Nature, travel mostly for experiencing outdoors especially the forests and hence took the step to save the earth from single-use plastics and chemicals with making it easy for you to reduce the plastic in your life in easy beautiful ,sustainable products and innovative solutions.

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