AVERT EARTH CRISIS – (100 Times bigger than COVID)


Top 5 Things HR Managers Can Immediately do to reduce Carbon Footprint at Workplace
(Authored by Sonali Sharma for PLANET WARMS Newsletter, targeted towards citizens / corporate executives)
1. Create a Paperless Office

Facts: Paper is a major polluter. 50% of the waste generated from offices that is disposed off in landfills is paper. 10,000 sheets of copy paper are utilized by an average office worker annually. And 6,000 kg is the carbon footprint of 1,00,000 paper sheets produced from 8 trees. In addition, approximately 12 trees can be saved by one office if they refuse the use of one ton of paper. Imagine the impact!

The idea of creating a paperless office saves it all. HR Managers can take the first position in this initiative. They can help in converting paper documents into digital workflows that restrict the use of paper at their workplaces. The monthly payment slips can be emailed to employees.  Leave behind the thought of penning down things. Encourage the use of whiteboards and tablets for taking reminders and notes at your office. Many Cloud applications like OneDrive, CamCard, OneNote, OCR can help in creating a paperless office. From document storage to business card scanning, many functions can be performed with zero paper use.  Save paper! Save the environment!

Company Suggestion: Check out this startup https://skoodleart.com/ for ecofriendly office pens/ pencils or reach out to https://www.consultivo.in/ (Amongst India’s top ESG Consultants)

2. Switch Over to Energy Efficient Work Hours

Facts: According to a study by Alliance for an Energy-Efficient Economy (AEEE) the energy consumption in commercial buildings is growing at the rate of 11-12% per year. Energy-related emissions are 6.6%from lighting and appliances used in buildings like offices.

The HR departments can keep an energy-saving agenda as one of the topmost at their workplaces. 100% renewable energy and solar lighting should become the trend. Ensure that the new office equipment carries an ENERGY STAR rating. It has been found that workplace desktops operating for 8 hours use600 kWh and give out 175 kg of CO2 annually. On the other hand, laptops utilize between 150-300 kWh and emit around 44-88 kg of CO2 per year. Replace the former with the latter! The employees should be asked to turn off the lights, PCs, printers etc. when work time is over.

3. Adopt Waste Recycling Completely

Facts: When you recycle a plastic bottle, you conserve energy that can light up a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours. It also leads to 20% lesser air pollution. Moreover, recycling one ton of cardboard boxes prevents 4 tons of CO2 emissions. This means recycling suppresses the carbon footprint of a workplace.

So, now is the time that the corporate HR Managers adopt the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Setting up an office recycling program can also do the trick. A Mumbai based startup Skrap (www.skrap.in) looks into the implementation of this program in offices. Perform a waste audit to get an idea of the quantity and nature of the waste being produced at your workplace. Later, recycling points can be provided for different wastes like aluminium cans, food waste, plastic refuse, etc.

Placing mini recycling trays on desks and putting up creative recycling posters are also good ways to involve staff in the recycling process.

4. Rethink About Everyday Commute

Facts: Transport is held accountable for 1/5th of global carbon emissions. During 2014, road transport was mainly responsible for 90% of the GHG emissions. Also, for every litre of fuel burnt inside a car engine, more than 2.5 kg of CO2 is released.

Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) ties environmental management with human resource management. As such, the HR Managers following GHRM can rethink how their employees travel to the office. Walking, cycling and car-pooling are important for reducing carbon footprint. Choosing a bicycle over a car for short trips can decrease emissions by around 75%. If you have to travel given the importance reduce carbon footprint by urging each employee to carry say a ecological travel box curated by Mumbai based eco startup – www.ksamah.com (Save Trees, water on the go). Organize more virtual meetings instead of in-person gatherings, if meetings involve long-distance travels. Working remotely has its benefits for the environment. For example, if you decide to work from home for half a week, you can reduce GHG emissions by 54 million tons per year.

5. Do Corporate Gifting in an Eco-Friendly Way

Facts: In 2013, the normal gift cards had 5,85,300 tons of annual carbon footprint. Contrary to this, bamboo-made products are better gifting options as they are environmentally friendly and degrade within 4 years. Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen and lowers the level of GHGs.

A Mumbai based startup www.KSAMAH.com is into sustainable corporate boxes and also curates sustainable ecological boxes for employees of companies encouraging each one to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Special occasions such as employee anniversaries, megaproject completion, new hires, at the workplace can be used to create a positive environmental impact. Green plants have an aesthetic value and add natural elegance to a workspace. Presenting such valuable unrefined tokens also help in instilling environmental consciousness among office members.

Knit sustainability into the core of your organization by developing an eco-friendly way of corporate gifting to each employee. For instance, explore organic gifting options like Ksamah eco-friendly office boxes. These products focus on zero-waste practice, minimize the carbon footprint at one go, and direct towards office sustainability.

Final Note

Planet Earth is our ‘Home’. It is warming at an unprecedented rate. Carbon footprint is a looming culprit behind it. Major liability is entrusted to the corporates when it comes to shrinking carbon footprint. Within corporates, the HR Managers can govern the cycles of carbon emissions while employing stringent policies and taking immediate steps.


“Building corporations is a dream of many. Running corporations on the line of sustainability with negative carbon emissions should be the vision of everybody.”

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