Climate Change Is Real

A usual day at Emma’s house when her father John is watching the news on Television. She hears the word ‘climate change’ and asks “dad, we all know that the weather changes every few months, then why is it in the news? Isn’t it normal?” Emma’s father smiles and says “climate change is not the change in weather from summer to winter and so on, it is a huge problem these days. Have you heard of global warming?” Emma replies “yes, I have. It is the rise in Earth’s temperature making it warmer”. “Yes, you’re absolutely correct, that is one aspect of Climate Change” says Emma’s father. Emma is curious to know more and starts watching the news with her dad but because she is still not very clear with the concept, she gets confused. After the news program is over, she requests her dad to explain Climate Change to her. John is very impressed to see his daughter’s interest in such topics. John starts explaining Climate Change to Emma ; “I’m sure you must have heard of terms like coal, natural gas and oil. These are called fossil fuels. Over the years, fossil fuels have been used excessively which is the main contributor to Climate Change”. Emma listens to her dad very carefully and asks him examples of how Climate Change has affected the earth. Her father says “Yes, I will tell you about how our planet has been affected but first there are a few more activities that have contributed to climate change like, Deforestation which means clearing a wide area of trees to make way for human activities such as infrastructural development, mining,
dam construction etc. Another contributor is Greenhouse Gas Emission, the rise in the level of Carbon Dioxide has lead to Climate Change”. “Now let us talk about how Climate Change has affected the earth. Increase of rainfall, shrinking of ice, rising sea levels and rapidly changing sea levels are some of the effects of Climate Change that the world has already seen. Emma is worried about her planet and wants to save it, she asks her father how she can help. Her father tells her that using more of renewable resources, planting more trees, using biodegradable goods can help positively but for this everyone should contribute. Emma tells her dad that she will share this important piece of information with her friends at school so they can contribute their bit to reduce Climate Change and Save The World.

– Janhavi Khanna

(On request for KSAMAH)

Ksamah believes in lifestyle changes through

eco-friendly products to avert Earth’s crisis.

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