5 Climate Action Strategies for Businesses

The facts stated by the World Health Organization are astounding. As per the organization, climate change is going to cause around 2,50,000 more deaths per year between the decades 2030-2050. But the world also seems determined to fight climate change.  Here is Sweden that comes with the foremost achievements in climate protection. While it seems

While the world is painted with all the dazzling attractive hues, the corporates, in particular, are embracing the colour ‘Green’. The shade represents calmness, vitality, sustainability, and bountiful life, all pointing towards a prosperous planet. To simply state businesses today have developed green ideologies as an impetus for reaching various successful profit destinations.  In a

Top 6 ways for Corporates to walk the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) path The year 2015 saw the emergence of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These 17 goals are ambitious, widespread, and important for the planet. They are meant to be achieved by 2030 and so-referred to as the 2030 Agenda.  SDGs

THERE IS A CRISIS 100 TIMES BIGGER THAN COVID UPCOMING Top 5 Things HR Managers Can Immediately do to reduce Carbon Footprint at Workplace (Authored by Sonali Sharma for PLANET WARMS Newsletter, targeted towards citizens / corporate executives) 1. Create a Paperless Office Facts: Paper is a major polluter. 50% of the waste generated from

zero waste

Zero Waste Living – Climate Reality!!

You all must have heard about going zero waste. Some of you might even be Eco-warriors or eventually, want to be one. In the latter case knowing about zero waste and implementing it becomes crucial.  The covid pandemic brought about a great deal of awareness to everyone about the environmental impact of human settlement. One

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Climate Change Is Real

A usual day at Emma’s house when her father John is watching the news on Television. She hears the word ‘climate change’ and asks “dad, we all know that the weather changes every few months, then why is it in the news? Isn’t it normal?” Emma’s father smiles and says “climate change is not the

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