Spot The Difference

Play a little game to understand everything that is wrong in the current reality. Can you spot all the errors?

spot the difference

Check Your Answers!

The errors are,
1. Birds
2. Sun
3. Smoke
4. Trees
5. Billboard sign
6. Ecological Ksamah Bag
7. Ksamah Dare to care bottle.
8. Dustbin
9. Masks
10. Trash
11. A woman and man behind the family.

Snakes & Ladders (Print and Play)

The Ancient game has a twist - it is in sync with aspects affecting the environment. Ladders come with positive message like Re-use , Re-cycle and wise use of paper. Factors that degrade the Environment like cutting down trees , use of plastics are associated with snakes.

snakes -and-ladder

Recycle the Letters to make Words.

Use KSAMAH products that are packed in an Earth - Friendly Box and bring zero threat and damage to Earth.

game-2- jumble

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