Plastic Eating ROBOT : A Planet Hero

Hi, I am Roe, Roe the plastic eating Robot. My owner, scientist Nancy made me because
plastic is a huge problem all over the world. I eat the plastic waste so that it is not disposed incorrectly by humans. Incorrect disposal which is very common can harm our mother earth and we must not do so. I am here to educate children about the harmful effects of plastic and how I help in making our planet a better place.


I also must tell you that I am not just one robot, but many who are made with the same technology and will be all over the world to help people out with plastic disposal. Let me tell you how I work, I can take about 250kgs of plastic at one go which is quite a lot. Once I eat the plastic, it goes into my stomach just like food for humans. This plastic is then broken down into smaller pieces with the help of the technology I am made up of. Once the plastic starts to get disposed, a green light is switched on which signals that I can be given more plastic.

My owner and developer Nancy is trying make many robots like me that will educate children and will be placed in public places such as markets, play grounds, schools, university etc. so that the waste is disposed in a way which does not harm the environment. You also must be wondering where the disposed plastic goes, so let me tell you. Once the plastic is broken down into smaller molecules, the trash is collected which goes for recycling. I would not want to praise myself but I am like a hero for our planet earth, I save the waste from going into the oceans and harming the aquatic animals and I have also reduced the amount of waste that is burned down. This burning of plastic releases hazardous gases in the air which are harmful for us to breathe and also cause air pollution which is a major issue all around the world.

So from now, dispose plastic properly and become a PLANET HERO like me.

– Janhavi Khanna


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