Necklaces – Spirit Animal Pieces – Panda

Our current eco- jewellery sets comprises of spirit animal pieces of nature for everyday use, casual hang outs to make a statement. Get the world on your side and make them part of your attitude -DARE TO CARE for the earth!Choose your animal now!

Select from our KSAMAH range of Birchwood necklaces and bracelets. Birchwood is widely available tree and offers a chance to protect the forests that we have left on earth. 



Spirit Animals Pieces for the Nature Lovers:

Panda – As a spirit animal is a symbol of determination and gentle strength. Our fuzzy roly-poly pandas are too cute to handle. Pandas are the most adored animals in the whole world. Pick this jewellery piece to make anybody’s heart melt.

Care Instruction:

  • If maintained well –jewellery lasts long.
  • Do not wear in the shower and when swimming.
  • Do not wear while playing, gymming, and performing yoga.
  • Keep it away from small children.


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