Ksamah Aloe Vera Lemongrass Natural Soap

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The incredible Aloe vera Lemongrass soap needs no introduction. Would you like to use a soap that has many skin health benefits? The texture of the combined ingredients will leave the skin refreshed, clean and soft. The benefits of our Aloe blended with Lemongrass soap are immense and it tops the list of must-use soaps. Use our anti-bacterial – anti-microbial, fungicidal natural skincare product, enhanced with the lemongrass known for its scent, for a truly luxurious bathing sensation. Our soap is mild enough to use daily while having a great effect on the body. Aloe vera gel and Lemongrass will bestow a superior exfoliating effect on the skin.



  • It has a calming effect and thus is the best spa experience one could ever have.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Prevents body odor.
  • Reduces wrinkles, minimizes pores of the skin acting as a toner.
  • It helps in a clear complexion.
  • After sun treatment – as it is soothing and reduces inflammation.
  • Safe for you safe for the earth.
  • Vegan,cold-pressed.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Pure healing and nourishing.
  • No animal ingredients or testing. No artificial additives, Paraben-free.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).

Care Instruction  – Soap Bars

 Store them well – thoroughly dry them so they do not shrink in size.

1 review for Ksamah Aloe Vera Lemongrass Natural Soap

  1. Siddharth Shekhawat

    Amazing product. The fragrance is so relaxing and calming – makes for a great shower !

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