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KSAMAH Ecological Office\Car Box [BULK BOXES]

Turn your busy commute and work week into plastic free work of art.Reduce your carbon footprint with our Car Box.

Order the KSAMAH eco-logical Car box and move towards the path of saving the environment.

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Our Car Box consists of:

Drink your morning coffee  at home or at your workplace using this reliable reusable coffee cup .Made from Rice husk this coffee cup is a viable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. Going reusable helps to cut down on your daily use of plastics and single-use coffee cups. Great for both hot and iced beverages on the go.

This coffee cup is made from rice husk fiber, which is natural and safe for daily use. It recovers and creates value from what is formerly considered waste and hence is eco-friendly and will not bring any harm to people and the environment.

Lid Material – Polypropylene 5 ( same material that is used to make baby bottles)

  • Natural and Rice Husk Fiber in a Simple Elegant Style.
  • Recyclable, Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Premium Quality.
  • Use for a hot and cold beverage.
  • No spill, Easy to use, Hand-wash, Non-breakable, Durable.
  • Product Dimensions: 475 ml.
  • Leak-proof lid.
  • Non-toxic, BPA, and silicone-free.
  • Safe for microwaves and dishwashers.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
  • Cannot be directly used over a fire, oven for cooking, or steaming.
  • Natural shine on the surface will fade on a daily usage but doesn’t effect the quality.
  • Due to the natural color of the rice husk fiber, there may be a slight color difference.
  • Microwave safe – Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe.
  • Not recommended for prolonged soaking in the water.
  • There may be a fragrance coming out of products, that is nothing but natural rice husk smell for initial days which eventually fades with regular use.
  • Dishwashers may lead to loss of printing.

Quantity: 1

This Rice husk lid bowl is ideal for multi – purpose usage as mixing , carrying and serving. Great product to carry food on the go. This product is made of rice husk fiber, which is natural and safe for daily use. This product is environment friendly as it is bio- based.

Material of Lid- Polypropylene 5 (the same material that is used to make baby bottles )

  •  Food contact safe certified by TUV Rheinland, Germany.
  • Microwave safe.
  • BPA – free.
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe( may lead to loss of printing).
  • Made in India, proudly.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
  • 550ml

Quantity: 1

These products are made using Sugarcane pulp, a renewable resource, they are 100% Eco Friendly and compostable. These products are completely hygienic and affordably disposable. They easily compost into the soil very quickly.

  • Our bagasse products are biodegradable and made from renewable and sustainable sugarcane pulp instead of letting it go to waste.
  • Sugarcane products can be disposed of in the food waste bin. In an ideal composting setting, they can decompose entirely in 3 to 6 months.
  • Stronger than most disposable dinnerware and is sturdier than paper, plastic, or polystyrene tableware which leaves more negative environmental impact, as they are not biodegradable and not made from rapidly renewable resources.
  • Bagasse tableware is cut resistant. These bowls are perfect for soups, cereals, stews, and curries as they are leak proof.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
  • Plates – 10 inches round
  • Bowl – 130 ml
  • Spoon -16 cm

Quantity: Plates – 2,  Bowls – 2, Spoons – 2

Make bringing your own a habit. Be ready to grab a bite with our bamboo cutlery. Switch to the benefits of biodegradable products. No need for plastic spoon and fork on the go. Its time for bamboo. Travel anywhere and everywhere with our spoon and fork. Spork is a modern take on the traditional spoons and fork.

Born from nature, goes back to nature. Which one will you choose – single-use plastic straws or eco-friendly bamboo straws? Bamboo straws are made from bamboo branches, are re-usable and are excellent alternative to single-use disposable polluting plastic straws, the straw is handmade by artisans. It may seem like a small change but stats show that we all could make a big difference.


  • Attractive looking 100% natural bamboo cutlery – heat, stain, and odor resistant.
  • Completely biodegradable under natural conditions.
  • Hand wash after use and keep in a dry place for a longer life of this bamboo product.
  • 100% natural bamboo product, no chemical treatment.
  • Not recommended for Microwave and Dishwasher. 
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
  • Handwash after use
  • If left unwashed and wet after use, there may be fungal and bacteria growth. 
  • For reuse dry in shade.
  • Avoid Prolonged soaking.
  • Our wired brushes can easily clean the inside of the straw.
  • After a certain usage , do change and order new ones.
  • Approx – 16cm length ( spoon – spork)
  • Approx – 8mm round- 200 mm length ( Bamboo straws)

Quantity: Spoon – 1, Spork – 1, Bamboo Straws – 2, Bamboo Washer – 1

Paper, being a natural fiber, is universally considered to be inherently biodegradable unlike plastic straws, which pose a serious threat to the marine environment as their fragments do not degrade and remain in the ocean, able to be ingested by marine organisms. Paper straw is a perfect choice to replace plastic straw, which is not environmental-friendly.

  • Paper straws are 100% biodegradable.
  • Strong & Leak Proof from the first sip to last.
  • Leaves no odor or residual smell or taste.
  • Perfect for Shakes, Ice Tea, Juices.
  • Made of food-safe paper.
  • Sizes
    • 8mm round and approx 200 mm length.

    Quantity: 10

    Enhance your daily routine experience with our 100% Natural KSAMAH bamboo towel. KSAMAH towel is your perfect travel companion. Our towels give you a clean conscience. Switch to Bamboo today! 

    Why Bamboo? The fibers made out of Bamboo have numerous performance and ecological advantages as compared to others. Bamboo is a preferred plant when working towards the green future as it releases 38% oxygen in the air and is the fastest growing plant in the world today. 

    • Premium staple bamboo towel gives the ultimate rich & soft feel.
    • Completely natural and eco –friendly fabric.
    • Bamboo towels absorb and evaporate moisture quicker for faster reuse.
    • Stay safe from allergies and UV radiation.
    • Naturally anti-bacterial.
    • Odor Resistant. 
    • Zero Pesticides, No Fertilizers. 
    • 60 % Bamboo + 40 % cotton.
    • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
    • It does not wrinkle and is machine washable in cool water.
    • Fabric softeners are not needed or recommended.
    • Tumble dry on medium heat to prevent your towels from snagging.
    • We recommend that you wash your towels before use to reach full absorbency.
    •  Napkin  = 33 x 33 cms

    Quantity: 1

    How are you ensuring safe drinking water when away from home?? Are you still relying on plastic?

    Stainless Steel Water Bottles are Eco-Friendly .Stainless steel is made out of natural elements to start with, and they can be easily recycled into new products when the time comes. 

    DARE Design for bottle: The most courageous act we can do, as it’s the right time to dare to care about the animals, earth, and all beings.

    • Odor-free and unbreakable, leak-proof and easy to pour.
    • Convenient size fits in the side pocket of school, trekking or office bag, car bottle holder, etc.
    • Color: Silver:Stainless Steel.
    • It is recommended to thoroughly wash your bottle and lid in hot mild soapy water, rinse well, and dry before use.
    • When cleaning your bottle or lid, we recommend not submerging or soaking your bottle or lid in water. We recommend a simple quick hand wash and rinse, and then dry.  
    • Don’t put your bottle in a microwave.
    • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).
    •  500 ml

    Quantity: 1

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