KSAMAH Ecological Rice Husk Plate 10 inch – Set of 2

KSAMAH Ecological Rice Husk Plate 10 inch – Set of 2: This plate set is made from rice husk fiber, which is natural, bio- based and safe for daily use. It recovers and creates value from what is formerly considered crop waste and hence is eco-friendly and saves bringing any harm to people and the environment. If a person purchases our rice husk made product, they are contributing to not one but to two very important and evident factors affecting the environment a) Rice husk not only solves the problem of crop waste b) it also solves the ever-increasing problem of farmers burning the leftover husk which in turn leads to pollution.

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• Made from natural rice husks fiber sourced from Indian farmers.
• BPA free.
• Good for you, Good for Earth.
• Sturdy, Durable, Elegant.
• Bio based.
• 100 percent reusable, 100 percent recyclable.
• Thoughtful addition to any Home, Office, Restaurants.
• Microwave safe – Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe.
• No hazardous substances, hygienic to use.

Care Instructions:

1. Cannot be directly used over fire, oven for cooking or steaming.
2. Natural shine on the surface will fade on daily usage, but doesn’t effect the quality.
3. Due to the natural color of the rice husk fiber, there may be slight colour difference.
4 Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe.
5. Not recommend for prolonged soaking in the water.
6. There may be a natural rice husk fragrance coming out of products for initial days which eventually fades with regular use.

Plates Size – 10inches round.


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