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KSAMAH Take Along Bag – Seahorse Design- Cotton Pack of 3

OCEAN Design Series- the oceans need our help.We can make a difference.

Seahorses are a unique fish species that occupy the coastal areas of the world and these are most under threat, being vulnerable to human and natural dangers, they suffer badly. Although we are doing a small effort by creating awareness by using the seahorses as our theme we aim to make a difference, help conserve and protect the marine species.Everyone needs to have a travel bag that they pack up and take with them on vacations, day trips, visits to the beach and pool.




  • These bags are designed for everyday use.
  • The cotton tote is an ultra lightweight bag and is made with good quality sturdy cotton.
  • Unlike bulkier totes, this bag folds easily to neatly fit in smaller spaces.
  • These 100% eco-friendly bags are easy to carry and maintain.
  • The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).

Care Instruction:

  • Cotton bags are extremely resistant & do not require much maintenance.
  • Hand wash in cool water using a mild soap. Handle gently.


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