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All items needed for growing vegetables put in the box. No other item need to be bought. Adopt KSAMAH GREEN GROW BOX and be part of nature around you. We have lost touch with the environment and KSAMAH Green Grow Box in its small way brings back that connection. Green Grow box is for you, be it of any age-group or for an activity which very well can also be done alongside your family. It’s a great education tool for your children also and can be a serious hobby for adults too.

Growing plants is a fantastic way of connecting with environment and also offers incredible health and culinary benefits. Tending to plants and watching them grow provides a unique experience. As the seeds you plant together begin to grow, so will your relationship with nature around you.
The product carries the KSAMAH stamp (i.e.: All our materials are ethically sourced and we are complete earth friendly brand)


1. We researched various options for a year and after trying multiple products finalized this KSAMAH Green Grow Box which outclasses all other similar options available in the market. Products in this box are curated specially for KSAMAH brand.

2. This is a good box for self-use or as a Gift.

3. Our good looking rectangular pots have an advantage over the others due to some of their inherent properties such as lightweight, durability and resistance to damage (Reusable plastic). The pots are wide to give you enough output of vegetables you looking to grow.

4. KSAMAH GREEN GROW BOX can be used for all types of indoor / outdoor plants & also all type table top plants for keeping plants at office placement, indoor – bedroom, living room, terraces, windows & kitchen garden.

• 1 best in class pot – size 16 x 8.5 x 8 inches for sowing your seeds into.
• 4 types of seed choices to grow.(Tomato, Capsicum, Palak, Methi) – Chosen specially by KSAMAH Team after research.
• 4kg potting mix soil – Chosen especially by KSAMAH Team after research.
• 1 Hand gloves set.
• Notepad & pen – With KSAMAH recycled paper & planteable Notepad & Pen, you can create your journal and make various sections like Sketch, Seeds & Plants, Expenses, Calendar, and Maintenance. You may also have a section for photos of your plant so that you can record your progress.
• Green grow guide booklet to explain the process & box in detail (Made by KSAMAH Team to get your growing journey start easily).
• Thank You card for taking steps to get connected with Environment.

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Weight 5.12 kg
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 25 cm

2 reviews for KSAMAH Green Grow Box (8 Items in Box)

  1. Mridull Prajapati

    When I purchased it, I was curious but nervous too. I wanted to inculcate a new hobby but didn’t want to fail at it. This box made growing so much easy and I now have chillies at home. All organic. Now on this is the box that I will gift all with different seeds. I want people to develop love for nature and thanks to ksamah to help me with this. Very thoughtful indeed.

  2. Poorvi Bagadia

    A perfectly curated box for home gardeningand i love the organic greens around me .Loving it totally!!

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