Teeny tiny things that you should do to save Earth

In case you are wondering, this is not yet-another-post-asking-you-to-buy-a-reusable-bag-or-a-bamboo-toothbrush-or-even-bamboo-t-shirt-or-a-bamboo-jewellery-or-even-a-rice-husk-
dinnerware-or-atleast-a-bamboo-fibre-hand-towel-and-face-towel! (Now, those are excellent products to buy and that’s innovative, let me take a pat on the back for bringing that to you through Ksamah. In fact, on another thought, you should buy all of that, coz why not!) In fact, this post will
make you work your brain cells and look beyond your organic bedsheets while you slowly sip your morning cup of organic tea and force you to make decisions that will help the environment. Buying Ksamah merchandise is a great start to contribute to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but that’s not where you stop.

Although purchasing eco-friendly products like Ksamah offers and documenting your
environmentally conscious purchase on social media and spreading awareness is a blessed start, I have realized that the message of being environmentally conscious gets submerged in the very many insta-trends. So, I have created this teeny tiny list of things that you should do to save the Earth.


1. Volunteering in your Neighborhood:
Whether you go for a picking trash while you do your morning runs or for weekend planting, every kind volunteering act goes a long way in saving the environment. Building a community who shares the same interest as you do will help your locality to remain clean and green. You can always share Ksamah merchandise with your environmentally conscious friends or you can share our bamboo straw with your significant other while you share a coconut water with your significant other (wink wink) after picking trash in your morning runs.

2. Contact the Bigshots:
Call all stops and write an email to your favorite brand, or the government requesting them to change the things that you dislike because it is not green enough to you. Instead of simply ranting about it to your friends and family, it is better to get creative and give your ideas to the big brands that have the power to bring change. Yes, change happens small, but a lot of times the people in power are able to take huge steps in bringing about a substantial change. If writing emails is not your thing, ask your favorite café, restaurant, thela to use eco-friendly packaging and serving wares. You can take a Ksamah rice husk plate to show it to them. In fact, gift them! Spread some love while you preach.

3. Be the Dinosaurs of DIY:
Use and use and use the items that you have before throwing it away. Get creative with the
ways you can use the same products before thinking of buying more. We are all guilty of buying one extra bamboo straw even when we don’t need it because it is so instagram worthy. But hey! Go easy with your purchases. Be frugal. In fact, we have made being frugal easy for you. Order
Ksamah Home Box and remove all items from the packaging. Use the Packaging box (we have made it chic and unique just for you to enjoy it) to store your knick-knacks, kids craft supplies, toys, throw blankets, or make a decorative piece out of it on a centre/coffee table. You can even ask your child to cut out all the animal shapes on the packaging and make a beautiful bunting out of it or color the white on the packaging. Get as creative as you can and don’t forget to tag us #ksamah to feature on our instagram page.

4. Read, Read, Read and then Read some more:
Read the labels of all the things that you buy and educate yourself. Understand where the product you are buying is coming from. Ask yourself: Is it from an ethical source, is it
environmentally friendly, is it contributing in any way to help save the Earth? If no, then keep it right back on the shelf. Ksamah has made reading labels easier and fun for you with all the lovely animals on the packaging. Have you seen the meerkat? Or the sting ray on the packaging? Go checkout and show some love. Surprise yourself with all the information.

5. Donate: Give something to Get something:

Are you in a fix and you don’t know what to give to your friends on their Birthdays? Why not donate on their name for them instead of giving a physical gift. It’s thoughtful and spiritually healing as well. If you still wish to buy a physical gift, look no further, we’ve got you covered. (Slow motion wink).


6. Walk that extra mile:
Walk instead of taking a car or a bike and Cycle to work if you can. Walk everywhere you can and you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. You will be blessed with the added benefit of a good health. Even though the harsh sun will always be there making it an uphill task for you, choose to walk. If you are sweaty, use Ksamah Face Towel (got you there, haha) and if you are
thirsty, use Ksamah Water Bottle (got you again!) Did you know, Ksamah Water bottle keeps the water cool for 24 hours in it? Anyways, there will be days when you feel like a total lazy bum and wouldn’t feel like moving even an inch and there will be instances when you do take your car, in those instances don’t forget to take along your Ksamah Car Box (I can’t stop laughing).

P.s. Jokes apart, I know maintain a sustainable lifestyle is hard. I also know temptation and desire
to let go of your sustainable ways will arise often and you will end up purchasing that mineral
water bottle and contribute to the enormous amount of plastic already present in the dump, you
will slip here and there, in those moments, forgive yourself. Brush yourself up, and work towards
saving our precious, precious Earth, because, this is EARTH’S LAST CHANCE!

– Marium Bhalla

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