Top 5 Green Marketing Campaigns That Corporates Should Try

While the world is painted with all the dazzling attractive hues, the corporates, in particular, are embracing the colour ‘Green’. The shade represents calmness, vitality, sustainability, and bountiful life, all pointing towards a prosperous planet. To simply state businesses today have developed green ideologies as an impetus for reaching various successful profit destinations. 

In a closer association with green principles and movement is the notion of “Green Marketing”. Being one of the sought-after areas of marketing, it gained notability in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This marketing afterthought evolved in three prominent phases: ecological, environmental, and sustainable green marketing.

The size of the green marketing market will increase right from $5596 million in 2019 to $56050 million in 2025. Focusing on product, place, price, and promotion (4Ps), green marketing campaigns can be the foremost way for corporations to build brand credibility with minimum environmental footprint. Here is how!

1. Adopt and Spread Eco-Friendly Products

Cotton and Jute Bags: Both jute and cotton are natural fibres that are 100% biodegradable. Jute can also be used as a composting material, whereas organic cotton can prevent 218 million litres of water wastage. In terms of their use, these sustainable bags are lightweight, fashionable, and perfect shopping companions. 


The cotton and jute bags have become a symbol of sustainability in business

Ecological Bottles: As per an estimate, humans purchase around 10,00,000 plastic bottles every minute. And around 60 million plastic bottles are dumped into landfills every day. This is where the use of ecological bottles comes into play with marked significance. Paper bottles are a sustainable alternative for business green marketing as they have pulp exoskeleton, have a 100% biodegradable layer, and are renewable. 

silicone bottleSource:

Silicone ecological bottles are the most preferred for carrying water and more ocean-friendly than plastic.

While sticking to its major green objectives, a company can include these green products in brand promotions. The logo of the firm can also be imprinted on them to make them carry the message of its green commitment.

Motivation: Ksamah’s green marketing technique based on the use of lunch tote bags is an inspiring story. Have a look!

This bag with a hermit crab design is perfect for people who wish to engage in environmental conservation.

2. Send Emails As Green Messengers

Two things about emails are getting popular. First, they are good for the environment. Secondly, they are the future. Check out this fact – In 2019, 3.9 billion people were using email. In 2023, this number is going to rise to 4.3 billion. Why not use this marketing strategy for environmental conservation? After all, emails mean zero paper use.

The other advantages of this green marketing tip are: obtaining faster feedback from customers, removing the need to print promotional flyers, and cost-effectiveness. For some engaging twist to your emails, you can add ‘Green Footers’ (short lines of green coloured text) at the bottom. Such creativity aims to ask the recipient of the email to save paper and avoid printing out of documents. Or use beguiling green footer taglines such as: ‘SAVE PAPER, SAVE TREES’.

Source: WiseStamp

Green footers blend creativity with love for Nature


3. Stand Up for Good Environmental Initiatives

Disney ensures that it utilizes zero total greenhouse gas emission policies in all its setups. Nike features a range of sustainable materials like recycled polyester. Tata Motors under its programme Vasundhara has planted 1,24,548 saplings across different places. These environmental initiatives by businesses are a recognition of their environmentally-friendly mindset.

Source: PHS Wastekit

Starting environmental initiatives lies at the heart of saving Earth!

Furthermore, funding such green initiatives can also prove to be a way to gain credibility and confidence. You can also run a foundation or charity that supports your dreams for a low-carbon planet.

4. Use Social Media As a Green Marketing Tool

According to Statista, as of January 2021 Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram have 2,740, 2,291, and 1,221 million monthly users. This makes these social media platforms amongst the most popular ones. Twitter has created a marked record too by achieving 145 million daily users.

From a thought-provoking perspective, social media can turn out to be an excellent green marketing tool. For Facebook, the trick can be – curate emotionally appealing content for the audiences. For instance, when promoting your green clothing brand, you can state the benefits of wearing organic fabrics which include no skin allergies and better health.

Likewise, you can post eye-catching images of your freshly manufactured clothes on Instagram that capture both sustainability and style. 

Motivation: Ksamah’s modish ecological bamboo T-shirts are a great example of dressing with a sense and essence of Nature.

bamboo t-shirt

This bamboo T-shirt helps to merge eco-friendliness with modern style and design

5. Provide a Green Upgrade to Your Vehicles

Have you got enough resources? Then, why not spend some on providing a green upgrade to your vehicles? Electric cars are quite popular due to their role in improving air quality in towns and cities. Look at this valuable statistic – For over a year, if you run an electric car on the roads, then you will save an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2. Implementing such efficient vehicles is a must for transportation purposes related to travel or product delivery.


Bicycles are a cleaner mode of commutation

Human-powered transport like bicycles is also a good option when it comes to choosing both health and environment over luxurious travelling modes. Bicycles can serve as winsome giveaways on special occasions like “Earth Day” or “World Environment Day”. In this way, you not only promote your company but also influence your buyers in developing an eco-conscious attitude.

End Note

As per Forbes, 87% of the consumers developed a more positive image of a company that supported environmental and social consciousness. Green marketing has within it the thought and action for this sort of consciousness. If planned meticulously, green marketing campaigns can expand businesses by leaps and bounds. And alongside nature will thrive.

All in all, this means many more happy days for our ‘Planet’!

– Sonali Sharma

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